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Questions I asked at webinar hosted by DrSearsLean

Dr Sears L.E.A.N. webinar on The Pros and Cons of Soy (image from

It’s another first for me, participating in a webinar, this time hosted by DrSearsLean. The webinar was conducted by Dominique Hodgin, MA, NE, the Executive Director of Education at DrSearsLean and Nutritionist. The presentation covered the definition of soy as well as the positive and negative effects of soy. I’ll leave to DrSearsLean to update you on the presentation which will be made available on his website; for me, I managed to get my questions related to eczema children answered and presenting to you as fast as I can!

Marcie Mom:   For infants who are diagnosed with eczema, should they switch to cow’s milk alternative like soy or goat or partially hydrolysed milk?

Dominique: A lot of the soy-based infant formula are isolated soy proteins which can potentially create some problems associated with soy isolates. If non-soy formula can be consumed by the infant, it’ll be better to consume a non-soy one. Dr Sears recommended in his book that even if the infant has to use a soy formula, it is good to try to reintroduce lactose at a later age.

Marcie Mom: Can a skin prick test accurately detect a soy allergy? How young can an infant take a skin prick test?

Dominique: Yes, a skin prick test can detect a soy allergy. Infant, as young as 6 month old can take a skin prick test (younger than that, may not be accurate).  Of course, to be sure, you can check for symptoms of allergy whether present/absent after eliminating soy from the diet.

Marcie Mom: For moms with cow’s milk allergy, would drinking soy during pregnancy instead of cow’s milk, reduce chance of baby developing soy allergy? (actually, I typed in the incorrect question, wanted to ask if it’d reduce chance of baby developing milk allergy)

Dominique: Not necessary. Milk allergy is a broad term, as there are various components that one may be allergic to, say whey. In any case, no definite on moms’ diet on baby’s development of allergy/not. Do also note that one does not only consume soy through drinking soy, as soy is present in many packaged food. Key is not to over consume soy.

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