Is it OK to have Only One Child?

I’ve struggled with this issue and like to end 2011 with a ‘preliminary’ conclusion. So, as I always do, I research. And based on recent studies, there is no evidence supporting that the only child will fare worse than children with siblings, in fact fare better in areas of achievement and intelligence. Here’s my pros […]

6 of the 101 things that Moms with Eczema Child do Differently – Family Tree

At the first consultation, Marcie’s doctor Prof Hugo Van Bever of NUH asked if someone in the family has eczema. I started tracing the family tree, and the eczema gene seemed to be mutating more powerfully (as you can see in the family tree, we could only trace to my mother-in-law who only recalled she had mild […]

Will your Second child get Eczema?

Are you considering whether to have a second child? I am, as Marcie is turning two years old, and I am really scared that my second child will have eczema. It feels like we’ve just got past the ceaseless scratching, the blood, the tears and still struggling with a good night’s sleep. Can I, should […]