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Mom E-votional : F-words

Devotional for Moms with Eczema Kids

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Mom Devotional for Eczema Kids

Mom E-votional : Bottle Up Marriage

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Mom E-votional : Each Child has a Gift

Devotional for Parents with Eczema Kids

Mom E-votional : WHOLE-Hearted Love

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Mom E-votional (Infographic): Our Plate Matters to Our Body

Devotional for Eczema Families Taking Care of our Health

Mom E-votional : Dads get Depression too!

I found out not too long ago that dads can get postpartum depression too – it usually affects younger dads and also more likely when there’s: Anxiety and depression during pregnancy Spouse has depression Twins Baby with sleeping problem Colic baby I wonder if eczema baby should be added to that list, since there’s high chance […]

(ScratchMeNot) Mom E-votional : No longer Allergic!

When we realized she was no longer allergic, I realized the extent of our journey. Summer of 2014 marks a new adventure for us! My daughter is no longer allergic to dairy, tomatoes, or corn! Ever since she was 2 months old, we as a family, have been battling her eczema. There were long days […]

Mom E-votional : Food for Thought

Know the phrase ‘Food for Thought’? It means something worth thinking about seriously. But to many parents, it might really be worth thinking food for ‘brain’ as it seems to be a faster-than-rat race to be smarter younger. For myself, I do think about anti-inflammatory foods (see Julie Daniluk’s recipes here and Jennifer Iserloh’s recipes here) and […]

Mom E-votional : Realistic Parenting

I came across a parenting article on ivillage ‘The Most Practical (and Realistic) Parenting Advice you will Ever Read‘, it’s kind of funny, offering tips such as: It’s ok if you miss a day of bathing your kids You aren’t the first to give in to tantrum You don’t have to do homework Sometimes feeling […]

Mom E-votional : Breathe Life

Some days I feel suffocated – yes, like there’s no air to breathe. In a crowded train, there’s lack of fresh air coupled with many people coughing at close distance. Outside if there’s haze or pollutants, I wonder if I’m doing more harm to my body jogging (and breathing the exhaust fumes). Yet, breathing is […]

Mom E-votional : No Secret Formula

It’s strange why we seem to be obsessed with a secret formula for everything – Formula for success, formula for happiness, formula for weight loss and even formula for eczema cure! During Jesus’ time, his disciples wanted a formula for prayer. Though Jesus did give his disciples a prayer to pray (Luke 11:2-4), there is […]

Mom E-votional : Is Eczema an Handicap?

One morning as I was jogging, I passed by in succession – a man with a very awkward limp, another man in a wheelchair and shortly after, someone who look like he has sprained his ankle. Ashamedly, my first thought was now I have to jog on the road instead of pedestrian path to avoid […]

Mom E-votional : Inconveniences

It is one of those irritating things – the new ATM pin for one of those fancy chip replacement card just didn’t work. I then had to waste an hour queuing and re-queuing to try different pins without pissing the people in the queue behind me. When all fails, I had to queue at another […]