Mom E-votional : The Best Life Insurance

I look at this data, (that I read in Dr David Katz’ Disease Proof) and wondered Isn’t Healthy Living the BEST INSURANCE? We all worry about whether we have the right insurance, adequate insurance coverage, read the fine print correctly (and probably shorten a few years figuring it all out, if ever we can!). Yet, the […]

Mom E-votional (Infographic) : Healthy Life Expectancy

I read about HALE – Healthy Life Expectancy in Dr David Katz’ book Disease Proof and it’s a simple truth presented – we are living longer, but sicker. Above is the HALE of United States, but you can always access this page on World Health Organization to find out the life expectancy of your country. For instance, […]

Mom E-votional (Infographic): Our Plate Matters to Our Body

I’ve been reading up on food (Dr David Katz’ Disease Proof) and distilled the main points in the above infographic. I started being aware of what I eat when I set out to ‘worship God with my body/strength’ and I thought how to have strength without the right foods. Eczema/not, allergy/not, what we put on […]