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Mom E-votional : Is Eczema an Handicap?

Eczema Devotional HandicapOne morning as I was jogging, I passed by in succession – a man with a very awkward limp, another man in a wheelchair and shortly after, someone who look like he has sprained his ankle. Ashamedly, my first thought was now I have to jog on the road instead of pedestrian path to avoid bumping into them and other people. Only the next thought was ‘Whoa, hang on. As unattractive and physically challenged they are, God loves them!’.

God’s love for the disabled is evident in Jesus’ ministry. There is a considerable amount of bible text in the gospel (John chapter 9) on Jesus healing the blind man (here is a commentary on Disability and the Sovereign Goodness of God) and many stories of Christians whose faith grew and mightily used by God to touch others. I then wonder if eczema is a handicap – in severe cases, it fit the definition of “restricting a person from participating in normal life“. Some children whose eczema are serious are not able to take part in sports, shower and sleep, I suppose that’s a real restriction. I pray that our children’s eczema will improve and not be so serious. But more so, I pray that our eczema experience can be used in some special way to help others – more love, resilience, empathy and whatever divine use it can be put to.

Bible verse:

John 9:1 As he (Jesus) passed by, he saw a man blind from birth.

God, eczema can be so severe that some days we feel it is a handicap. Heal our child’s eczema and use all of our life, even with the eczema

Jesus sees.

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Eczema can truly interfere with life, totally agree with you Melissa. It’s like so many aspects that other parents normally won’t think twice about but it’s so much of a concern for eczema families.


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