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Eczema Research Focus Month – House Dust Mite

Removing House Dust Mite even when there's no sensitization improves eczema
Removing House Dust Mite even when there’s no sensitization improves eczema

The above is a cartoon from Life of Eczema Girl. In the cartoon, I shared that there is no need to do crazy cleaning if the child does not have an allergy to house dust mite. Now, I’m not sure if I have to take back my words as I’ve come across this study that concluded that higher indoor house dust mite worsens the skin of eczema children, whether or not they are sensitized to house dust mite. The main points of the study are:

1. 95 patients of average 23 month old

2. Indoor house dust mite levels associated with the severity of skin symptoms, especially in eczema children who are not sensitized to dust mite

3. Possibly due to house dust mite being an irritant instead of an allergen

4. Practical implication to reduce house dust mite levels

How often is your cleaning? Did more measures to reduce house dust mite improve your child’s eczema? Do comment!

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