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Impact of Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) Fermented Extract on Skin and Eczema (#Biogenics16 series)

Last week, we learnt much about LAB Fermented Extract (Biogenics 16) and its effects on a child’s intestinal health, as well as the dosage and safety of Biogenics 16. This 2nd part of the series will focus on clinical studies on LAB Fermented Extract’s effect on skin and eczema, specifically examining the two published studies conducted by Japan researchers. It is seen in various studies the preventive effect of probiotics on onset of eczema and today’s sponsored post focus will be on lactic acid bacteria (LAB) fermented extract and its efficacy on skin.

As always, I appreciate that the marketing team at Lifestream Group has gone the extra mile to provide the case studies below and also to have the manufacturer and its team of medical professionals answer questions on Biogenics 16.

Studies on Biogenics Probiotic extract kids health and skin

The study of the effect of LAB Fermented Extract on atopic dermatitis was conducted by Dr Shigehiro Tsuchiya of Tsuchiya Hospital, Japan.

Patients: 2 children (boys), age 7 and 9

Skin condition: Reactive skin conditions characterized by generalized rashes with itch; treatment received had included oral and topic administration of 10cc per day of LAB Fermented Extract.

Duration of study: 2 months

Finding: Rashes improved gradually over two months and no longer visible, with decreasing IgE levels. No relapse of rash was seen within the next 12 months.

MarcieMom: I understand that the study was a case study, instead of a double-blind placebo controlled study. Whenever it comes to atopic dermatitis, it is difficult to control all variables due to eczema being a multi-factorial condition. To give some background to readers, many of whom are parents of eczema children, is there information on:

(a) How long did the two boys have eczema and did they have any confirmed allergies?

Both boys have been identified with eczema years prior to the study.

(b) Did the two boys continue with their corticosteroid topical or oral application during the two months of taking LAB?

They did not continue with any oral forms of medication, except for a topical corticosteroid during the test period. The test results were measured according to IgE level which has more relevance to consumption of LAB Fermented Extract. Test results indicate a significant improvement after using LAB Fermented Extract.

Study image Probiotics Fermented Extract
Image from the study provided by Lifestream Group

(c) Were there any other eczema therapeutics that were given to the two boys during the two months? (for instance, bleach bath therapy, wet wrap therapy)

No other eczema therapeutics was given to the 2 boys during the test period of 2 months. Results observed were based on the beneficial effects of LAB Fermented Extract (Biogenics 16).

MarcieMom: More research is showing the link between our gut flora and our skin flora. Similar to the intestinal gut, our skin has both good and bad bacteria. In an interview with former president of American Academy of Dermatology, readers have learnt that our skin has beneficial bacteria, e.g. staphylococcus epidermidis and bad bacteria such as S. aureus and S. pyogenes. Of interest to eczema sufferers is staphylococcus aureus which frequently colonizes eczema skin, making it difficult for eczema to recover while increasing skin inflammation.

I’d like to understand the mechanism of how LAB Fermented Extract improves eczema, does it

(a) Impact the skin flora by encouraging growth of beneficial bacteria on the skin, or

There have been studies showing the effectiveness of topical probiotics in inhibiting the growth of bad bacteria, virus and yeast in skin. In the study by Dr Shigehiro Tsuchiya of Tsuchiya Hospital, Japan, it is reflected that oral and topical application of Biogenics 16 is effective in improving the condition of atopic dermatitis in the 2 subjects. Since LAB Fermented Extract does not contain live bacteria, the risk of allergies or rejection by skin flora can be further minimized. However, further research is still being carried out at this point on the exact benefits in topical application of Biogenics 16.

(b) Impact the skin health by encouraging growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestine or other mechanism?

A healthy intestine with balanced gut flora is important to keep the skin healthy and for overall well-being. Unhealthy intestine dominated with bad bacteria may be one of the causes of poor skin condition which may be due to the following possibilities:

1. Unbalanced gut flora increases intestinal permeability, leading to a condition known as “leaky gut syndrome”. This means that bad bacteria, toxins, undigested foods and other foreign substances gets leaked out into the bloodstream, contributing to systemic inflammation which may lead to poor skin condition.

2. The damage to the mucosa triggers an inflammatory reaction from the immune system. The continuous cycle of inflammation worsens the state of the gut, leading to poor skin health.

Different from probiotics or prebiotics, LAB Fermented Extract does not contain live bacteria, but instead is a high strength extract resulted from the co-culture of 16 unique strains of Lactic Acid Bacteria extracted using a unique, patented extraction process. It encourages the proliferation of our intestine’s own good bacteria, while suppressing bad bacteria. When the condition of intestinal permeability is improved, skin condition will also be improved, as less foreign substances can reach the bloodstream. This will reduce skin inflammation as well as lower the level of IgE, which can be identified from the clinical study by Dr Shigehiro Tsuchiya in the chart in fig.1

igE values with LAB fermented extract
Image provided by Lifestream Group

By supporting the improvement of our intestinal health with LAB Fermented Extract, much of the mentioned symptoms, including skin condition may then be improved.

The next skin-related study was on Effects on Female Beauty, by Dr Shintaro Hashimoto, Daimyo-cho Skin Clinic, Japan.

Subjects: 75 female, age 30 to 70 (average age of 35)

Duration of study: 30 days

Finding: Improvement in skin texture, skin moisture retention, reduction in acne and skin breakout, improvement in skin elasticity; This was seen that sulcus, or grooves in the skin, straightened and the skin became smoother.

MarcieMom: This is an interesting study and possibly have implications for people with defective skin barrier. Often, the skin barrier is considered defective for eczema children because it is dry (inability to retain moisture and short of skin lipids) and porous (vulnerable to irritant penetration). An improvement in skin texture and moisture retention is therefore helpful and since LAB Fermented Extract is safe for infants, theoretically, parents have another ‘tool’ to use to prevent the onset of eczema. (The studied ‘tool’ is via moisturizing from 3 weeks old for high-risk infants.)

Moreover, we have seen research whereby sensitization to food comes from outside-in, i.e. via the skin. It is therefore of great comfort to parents to ‘arrest’ the allergic march by strengthening the child’s skin barrier from young.

Again, can you explain

(a) the mechanism of how a healthy gut affect the skin barrier?

Our intestine is the largest immune organ in our body. Many of the skin issues occurring maybe caused due to a lowered immunity. Therefore by improving our intestinal health through proliferation of our good bacteria and suppressing the bad ones, we will be able to effectively improve our immunity, in turn relieving skin symptoms.

(b) the layer of skin cells (epidermis, dermis) that improved with LAB Fermented Extract?

Results of the study is based on a questionnaires answered by the subjects on their skin condition. Other skin texture improvement in this study is being observed and analyzed on the epidermis of the skin. Improvement in epidermis often is reflected when there is improvement in the base layer and dermis of the skin.

(c) whether the improvement in the skin cells is permanent or is it one whereby LAB Fermented Extract has to be taken regularly to maintain the improved skin barrier?

Our body is constantly under attack from harsh environments, processed foods, stressful lifestyles and also ever changing virus strains. All these contribute to a lowered immunity, which also affects other parts of our body including skin condition. By ensuring that our intestine has sufficient support in maintain a good colony of good bacteria and suppressing bad bacteria, it will lower chances of skin issues, helping us maintain not use good quality skin, but optimal health.

Biogenics 16 is also recognized by more than 850 clinics in Japan, many of which is skin related.

Once again, thank you to Lifestream Group Pte Ltd, for sponsoring this series.

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Lifestream manages LABO NutritionTM under which Biogenics 16 is distributed. Parents can understand from this sponsored post how taking LAB supplement can affect the skin and potentially, improve eczema.

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