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For parents who’d like to explore support groups, there are various ways to do so:

#1 You can fill in the (sharing your eczema story) form and indicate in the last question your willingness to join the support group and I’d put you in the private google group “Best Parent for E Child”. Alternatively, you can email me at [email protected]

#2 The second last question in the form is asking if you are ok with the information you filled in to be published as an interview. The purpose of that is to let other parents who come to this blog know you (and you know them when they do the same) and to build a community of parents who support each other. You can see under the comments section below for how a published interview looks, and your email will not be disclosed.

Over the past 6 years, the comments on this page themselves have come to serve as a source of support for parents – parents read what the best moments and challenging times are like for other families, and feel less alone in their struggle.

#3 I’m involved with Singapore National Skin Centre’s quarterly support group sharing sessions; please get in touch with me if you’d like to be placed on its mailing list! Update in 2021: Activities have been put on hold due to Covid-19 pandemic.

Here is a collection of devotionals that I have created in the hope that it will provide a little comfort and joy for parents caring for their eczema child.

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Meet a New Parent! – An An

Child’s Name – Nathaniel

Diagnosed with Eczema – October 2020

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – Best parenting moment is when we taught our son to pat on his skin to ease the itch and he learnt to do that instead of scratching. Yet the greatest challenge is dealing with his eczema and have to also cope with my own eczema. I really hope that joining this support group will give me hope and support in bringing up my child and teaching him to love his skin despite everything.

Thank you An An for stopping by! Will be emailing you and love the best parenting moment that you shared, that’s a milestone and a major step in itch/ skin management, xo

Meet a New Parent! – Hillary

Child’s Name – George

Diagnosed with Eczema – February 2021

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – I think every day that I get to be George’s mom is my best parenting moment he’s let’s me love him and care for him and that’s the best. Greatest challenge is helping him living with his eczema I feel he’s such a happy lil guy and I can only imagine how much happier he’d be if he didn’t have this so severely.

Thanks for stopping by Hillary! Be emailing you and totally get it about the kid being happy and how you wish he can be even happier without the eczema, sending big hugs.

Meet a New Mom! – Glory

Child’s name: Asher

Diagnosed with eczema: March 2021

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge: Greatest challenge: to stop baby from scratching and stop the eczema from flaring up!

Thanks for connecting with me and sending me that email, have responded and hoping that my response will be useful to you, let me know how it goes! xo

Meet a New Mom! – Serene

Child’s name: Josh

Diagnosed with eczema: 1/8/2019

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge: Unable to stop him from scratching

Thank you Serene for dropping by! Be emailing you in a minute and meanwhile, just want to give a shoutout to all parents of eczema kids – hang in there and never give up!

Meet a New Mom! – Sandy
Child’s name: Adie
Diagnosed with eczema: 2 weeks old
Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge: She was diagnosed with eczema very early on in life. I am a pediatrician myself and I have tried everything to help her from scratching her beautiful skin off. It pains my heart to see a child go through these challenges early on. I got her tested for food allergies and she is allergic to cows milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, etc. In addition to the eczema she gets hives all the time. The allergist told me with her eczema so severe and starting early on in life, it is likely to be a life long battle for her. Without any history of eczema or allergies on both the sides of the family, I am just surprised my child has this. Being a pediatrician, I cannot but help feel bad that there is nothing I am able to do for my child. She cries and screams when we give her a bath because her skin is so sore. Tears are rolling down my eyes as I write this.

So sorry to hear of your baby’s eczema and understand that it can feel helpless… be sending you emails for more encouragements, big hugs, take care!

Meet a New Mom! – Brittan

Child’s name: Cora

Diagnosed with eczema: 10/2019

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge: I would like to join the Eczema support group. This is all new to us, and we are trying to figure out with the doctor the best way to control my daughters eczema flares. The doctor first suspected she had eczema at 1 month old, but was officially diagnosed at 8 weeks old. Greatest Challenge is trying to figure out this Eczema stuff, best parenting moment is trying to be on top of this early on!

Meet Reuben – I have had Eczema since a few years after I was born, and it has been recurring on and off. It was the worst during primary, secondary and JC, where my eczema flared up badly due to stress. I’ve had multiple staph infections and high fevers last year, with multiple visit to the A&E and week-long bedridden stays at hospitals. Although my parents have done their best educating themselves about Eczema and caring for me, I cannot rely on them forever. Since the last year, I’ve visited a TCM practitioner (which worked wonders), started eating really clean, and educating myself – stumbling upon amazing blogs like yours. I especially liked the articles on selecting moisturizers; I currently use QVCream and Avene Xeracalm A.D. on a rotating basis. Would love to join your support group and grow as a community.

Thanks Reuben for your sharing; hopefully you’re in Singapore so that I can put you in touch with the local groups, take care and thank you for your kind words.

Meet a New Parent! – Kristin

Child’s name – N

Best parenting moment – My best parenting moments are when Natalie smiles and laughs with me – and ignores her itchy face.

Greatest challenge – My greatest challenge is that I haven’t slept well in 8 months because the itching has exacerbated N’s already bad sleep.

Thanks for sharing Kristin and totally understand.. including the joy seen in our children despite their itch. Hang in there and hope all get better soon, will email you too! Big hugs!

Meet a New Parent! – Ana

Child’s name – Azariah

Diagnosed with eczema – 2 and half months old

Greatest challenge – Losing sleep at night and then caring for itchiness throughout the day, also not being able to give my 3 yr old the same attention that I used to. Desperate to help his suffering and itching, I don’t know what to do anymore.

Hi Ana, thanks for dropping by my blog and for your sharing. It is difficult.. the itch, the scratching and the sleepless night.
I’d be dropping you an email separately but I really hope that there would be some ways to help with the eczema – whether it is figuring out the trigger, or the skincare routine, or finding a doctor who you can work with or perhaps dermatology nurse who can share more about the skin, wet wrap techniques.. Big hugs from Singapore, Mei

Hi Lorraine, thanks for dropping by and sharing the challenge you’re facing. And yes, I understand the sleepless night due to itchiness. It can be very hard especially we know we can’t leave our child alone to scratch because the skin damage can undo so many weeks of efforts to care for the skin. I see that you’re in Singapore and there’s a support group session coming up next week, will get in touch!

Meet a New Parent! – Genesis

Child’s name – Aaron

Diagnosed with eczema – Nov 2018

Greatest challenge – Redness every moment. He does not sleep because of the eczema. The biggest challenge is his face because everybody only look at him like if he has something contagious

Hi Genesis 🙂 Thank you for sharing your greatest challenge and yes, sleep is really difficult. I can’t imagine the stigma and the emotions that Aaron, you and your family have to go through when eczema is apparent on the face. And yes, people still fear that the rashes will be contagious, but don’t let it get to you.. look beyond this negativity and turn it into creative and passionate energy to raising awareness of eczema. (If Aaron goes to a preschool/ school, you can consider writing/ sharing about eczema, I did contribute an article for preschool so that parents and teachers can understand better 🙂 I found it helpful and empowering.

Do read the sharing by other parents, you’re not alone, hugs!

Your sharing will help others!