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For parents who’d like to explore support groups, there are various ways to do so:

#1 You can fill in the (sharing your eczema story) form and indicate in the last question your willingness to join the support group and I’d put you in the private google group “Best Parent for E Child”. Alternatively, you can email me at [email protected]

#2 The second last question in the form is asking if you are ok with the information you filled in to be published as an interview. The purpose of that is to let other parents who come to this blog know you (and you know them when they do the same) and to build a community of parents who support each other. You can see under the comments section below for how a published interview looks, and your email will not be disclosed.

Over the past 6 years, the comments on this page themselves have come to serve as a source of support for parents – parents read what the best moments and challenging times are like for other families, and feel less alone in their struggle.

#3 I’m involved with Singapore National Skin Centre’s quarterly support group sharing sessions; please get in touch with me if you’d like to be placed on its mailing list! Update in 2021: Activities have been put on hold due to Covid-19 pandemic.

Here is a collection of devotionals that I have created in the hope that it will provide a little comfort and joy for parents caring for their eczema child.

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Top 5 tips to help your eczema child sleep better

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Meet a New Mom! – Kelly Northey

Child’s Name – Lochie

Diagnosed with eczema – 01/03/2011

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – Hi, I have designed and sell online a baby sleeping bag especially for babies with Eczema called the Bamboo Bubby Bag. It is a unique one size fits 0-2+ design with enclosed, adjustable sleeves that stop babies from being able to scratch, causing themselves further damage and aids a good night’s sleep. They are made from 70% bamboo/30% organic cotton fabric, which has thermo-regulating properties perfect for eczema skin, allowing it to be worn all year around for their entire first 2+ years.

My website with further details is at

I would love to hear more about how I might please be able to arrange advertising of my product through your site and any other information you might have about number of site visitors etc.

Meet a New Mom! – Pei Pei

Child’s Name – Yuzheng

Diagnosed with eczema – 19/05/2011

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – BEST parenting moment: When I saw him immediately after my ceasarean; GREATEST challenge: never sleeping more than 3 hours at a stretch

Meet a New Mom! – Leena

Child’s Name – Isha

Diagnosed with eczema – 10/08/2010

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – Seeing my daughter playing with toys or any stuff rather than scratching herself. Having her wear mittens day and night to avoid scratching and to control eczema.

Hazlina and Valerie, do hang on… It’s tough when the eczema is severe and our children are constantly scratching, do meet up this saturday or chat with one another using the group email, we can provide support to each other as we’re all going through the same thing.

Meet a New Mom! – Valerie Cerilla

Child’s Name – Mackenzie Louie Cerilla

Diagnosed with eczema – 10/06/2011

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – greatest challenge right now is with my baby having ezcema..
my hearts just breaks everytime i see him with this condition.. his skin is blistered, bleeding… im so sad right now..

I feel you. I am the same with my daughter. I just want to cry when I see her face all bloodied. she SO beautiful but her pussy scabby cheeks get us both wayward looks. lets try to stay strong together for our babies:)

Meet a New Mom! – Hazlina Rohani

Child’s Name – Adli Irfan

Diagnosed with eczema – 01/03/2009

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – When I was on extended maternity leave for my 3rd child. Had a great time with all 3. My greatest challenge is working. With 3 kids, with no maid and parents, parents-in-law unable to help, it is quite difficult to depend on the nanny to maintain my son’s skin condition. When I reach, I have my hands full with so many things.

Eczema is generally peruts in response to environmental factors such as exposure to products containing harsh chemicals. Psoriasis, on the other hand, usually has a genetic link, and is a response to factors occurring inside of the body. Eczema is commonly mistaken to be the same thing as Psoriasis, which often appears after an infection such as strep throat. However, I have heard of no cases of contracting Eczema after infection.[]

Hi Jasz, thanks for your sharing, my girl’s eczema is inherited from her dad too, who has localized eczema. I understand it’s so stressful and it took me many months before I stopped saying bad genes to my hubby… hang on there, and hope to see you this coming saturday!

Meet a New Mom! – Jasz
Child’s Name – Javen
Diagnosed with eczema – Can’t remember when

My son (30mths) inherited the eczema from the father who has very serious eczema until today. We have tried all types of cream & moisturiser. Still the mild steriod helps. I’m glad to have found this support group as I’m quite vexed trying to find ways to help my boy.

Meet a New Mom! – Caradene

Child’s Name – Oscar

Diagnosed with eczema – 14/06/2011

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – Reading bedtime stories with my beautiful son Oscar. Greatest challenge is being a strong Mum and not getting upset when Oscar can’t sleep.

Meet a New Mom! – Jennifer

Child’s Name – Tristan

Diagnosed with eczema – 14/08/2008

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – Best moments are pillow talk time just before bed. Greatest challenge is dealing with his eczema and asthma.

Meet a New Mom! – Jasmine Chong

Child’s Name – Lenard Lau

Diagnosed with eczema – 09/09/2010

Hi Shari, thanks for your effort to fill in the form; the most likely reason I can think of is you may have forgotten to input the verification code right at the end of the contact form. You can try again and in the meantime, I will be emailing you. Thanks again.

Hi, i tried to fill up n send in d form for d support grp but was unsuccessful despite tryg many times. Wat shall i do next?

Meet a New Mom! – Trace Francis

Child’s Name: Joseph

Diagnosed with eczema: 01/04/2010

Meet a New Mom! – Vivian

Child’s Name: Isabel

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge:
Being loved and worshipped by Isabel. Challenge – being finding the best caregiver.

Hi there,

Isabel, 27 months, inherited eczema from me. I have eczema but it well under controlled.

It started on her legs and then elbows. Now, it is on her hands. I read a book and it says Calendula Remedy from Four Cow Farm is good to calm.

Rather than putting her on strong medicated lotion, I believe this organic calendula officinalis will be a long lasting and natural remedy.

It works well on her. I usually apply before her bed time and it will be gone in the morning 🙂

Hope this helps… 🙂

Mrs NG

Thank you for the information. I am new to this blog site and also new to eczema. My daughter is so much better now than she was 8 months ago. I read all these books, articles, doctors advice to help me figure out her trigger points and I can not stop her from having a break out once a month. Doctors keep telling me she will out grow this, but I dont think she will. Every specialist I have seen around my area tells me they have never seen a case like hers and I dont think she has the worst case scenario. Do you have any suggestions in your battle on how you figured out your triggers and ideas on maintaining that you used?

Thanks Michelle for sharing your daughter’s condition. Is there something in particular about your daughter’s skin problem that doctors say never seen a case like hers? It is quite strange that you keep hearing these comments, as it is not usual for experienced dermatologists to say that as they would have seen many cases of eczema (being the most common skin issue), along with eczema that is infected, or have other contributors such as fungus/ virus. Maybe you can consider seeing an immunologist instead?

If it is eczema flare-up once a month, it’s probably considered acceptable but if you’re referring to the “measles” that keep on coming back and is strange, then it’s probably not.. it’s probably worth considering seeing other than skin doctors if you’ve already consulted many and there’s no clear diagnosis.

take care, and hope everything gets better soon,

Dear Michelle,
I am Bee, a nutrition therapist. Generally, for young children who get occasional rash have sensitivity to certain food. The challenge is to identify the food because there are so many ingredients in processed food and commercially available food. You can keep a strict food diary to observe and that’s likely the best way/start.
Children can outgrow food sensitivity/allergy with total elimination for a few months, and slowly re-introducing little bit every 6 months.

Meet a New Mom! – Mei

Child’s name: Marcie

Diagnosed with eczema: 10/12/2009

Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge:
Best when I see my baby happy and free from scratching &
Greatest challenge is to stay calm and not get agitated when she does scratch.

Your sharing will help others!