Living with Eczema book

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204 pages – If you are in Singapore, you can email [email protected] to ask for a discounted copy.

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Living with Eczema: Mom asks, Doc answers! is a collaboration between MarcieMom and Marcie’s doctor, Professor Hugo van Bever. We cover a comprehensive list of topics such as eczema triggers, prevention and treatment for eczema, even a chapter on the things that don’t work. There are two parts to each chapter – 1. offers you the information and 2. answers the questions that MarcieMom asks (on your behalf to the doc!).

MarcieMom’s take: This is a book that I have poured months into, and the best part is that the Q&A section is uncensored – meaning that I ask what I want to, instead of us coming together to agree on what can or cannot be asked. The Q&A taking up half of the book is because both of us recognize how important it is for parents to have their questions answered, so that they can have more clarity and less anxiety in the treatment process.

Marcie’s take: She hasn’t read the book but happy to let me use her photo on the cover.

7 reviews for Living with Eczema book

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