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#SkinishMom – Don’t Date after Menstrual Day 14 if You Sweat a lot

I came across this study ‘Higher Sweating Rate and Skin Blood Flow during the Luteal Phase of the Menstrual Cycle’. Simply put, sweat and skin blood flow was higher from Day 14 to Day 1 of the next period. 

This got #SkinishMom investigating when do we sweat more? Maybe if we can avoid the circumstances when we sweat more, we’d feel more confident about our armpit smell and look more radiant!

Skin ish Mom Cartoon Menstrual Cycle Sweat

Wait, to be sure, our sweat from all the eccrine sweat glands all over our body is odorless. Our sweat from apocrine sweat glands in our scalp, armpit and groin have an odor. But the real ‘body odor’ comes from the sweat mixing with the bacteria on our skin.

Here are when we sweat more:

1. Exercise – Never plan or agree to a jogging date.

2. Fever – It may be cute if your guy takes care of you when you’re sick, but not cute when he smells you!

3. Strong emotions – Here’s when playing cool literally works; too excited, angry or anxious, you’re likely to sweat more.

4. Stress – BFF is for stressful time, so is shopping, ice cream but not having a date (plus chances are you’ll complain of the stressful circumstances, and that’s just not cool!)

5. Alcohol, Caffeine – Sip these if you absolutely have to drink it during your date. Alcohol, soda, coffee, tea stimulates your gustatory sweating.

6. Spicy food – Don’t arrange for a date at Sichuan restaurant or Indian cuisine.

7. Smoking – Nicotine releases your body chemical acetylcholine that stimulates your sweat glands. Quit smoking is good for your health and your pockets.

8. Antidepressants – Causes excessive sweating in about 20%; hopefully your date will help with the depression!

As a safe measure, always use antiperspirant – it works and it’s not a cancer risk (that will be for another post!)

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