Eczema Devotional

Mom E-votional : Cool Summer

Eczema Devotional for Parents with Eczema Kids

Eczema Devotional Thirst Summer

Anything with ice that is cooling.

During these few hotter months (or for those of you in US, UK etc, summer months), I crave for something cool and refreshing. That’s why I recently bought a blender that can do wonders in breaking down ice and devoted a few evenings to finding the right amount of ice cubes versus liquid to blend. My daughter likes it too! If she is scratching due to heat/sweat, I’d tempt her to stop with a ‘Chocochino’, my version of Milo crushed ice.

It occurred to me that sometimes in our life, we just need that something cool and refreshing, from the toil and the sweat. I then wonder what would be the ‘cool’ thing for parents with eczema kids to have? Would it be

a. An evening of couple night made possible by someone (anyone!) willing to care after a scratching child

b. A family day outdoors on a cloudy day, but no rain

c. Just one night of sleep

d. Share in the comment your ‘cool’ thing!

In the bible, Jesus talked about him quenching our thirst. It is in parallel to when God provided Israel with manna from heaven and water from rock. This hit me on two levels 1) God cares about our most basic needs, surely he care about whether our children are growing well 2) God knows what we need. So the next time I reach for a drink to quench that thirst, it serves as a reminder that God is all knowing on what I need and He will meet that need. Jesus offers himself for us!

Bible verse:

John 6: 35 Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall never thirst.

Dear God, you know what we need, what our children need, You know what we thirst for, it’s nothing luxurious for many parents with eczema children. Perhaps a good night’s sleep or a day of family fun without eczema flare-ups. Hear our prayer God!

Jesus meets our needs.

Your sharing will help others!