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Eczema Support Group Friday Lunch with Senior Pharmacist

Nothing beats learning from a senior pharmacist about the products that you are using for your child with eczema, Join Us on Friday Lunch 28 March!
Nothing beats learning from a senior pharmacist about the products that you are using for your child with eczema, Join Us on Friday Lunch 28 March!

What’s a better use of Friday lunch than to learn the products that you are using (and spending $$$) on your child with eczema. On 28th March 2014, we are privileged to have Senior Pharmacist Winnie Li share on General Tips in managing Eczema in children with Over the Counter products.

More on Winnie Li: She is the Senior Pharmacist experienced with Eczema and Itch Management. She was an invited speaker for a regional Congress organized by Pharmaceutical Society of Singapore on the topic “Off-label Uses of Oral Drugs in NSC for Pruritus and OTC Itch Relief Remedies ”. She was also the speaker for annual NSC Pharmacist Seminar on the topic “Products of Itch Relief in Atopic Dermatitis”

So Mark Your Calendar and Lunch’s on us!

28 March 2014 (Friday) – Venue, National Skin Centre, Level 4, Room 401, 12.15 pm to 1pm

1. 12.15pm – 12.20pm Quick introduction

2. 12.20pm – 1pm Winnie will be sharing information on eczema, OTC products and helps answer questions you have!

There will be balloons for sculpturing, puzzles and coloring to occupy your children. Same note: Information shared is not medical advice, please still see a doc. No selling anything or pretending to be a parent of eczema child. Information on my blog is not pre-approved by NSC.

YOU MUST RSVP – Our medical social worker who is helping with the Eczema Support Group will be in-charge of confirming your attendance, which isn’t confirmed till she says so! If you’re coming, please email me ([email protected]) your name, mobile and email, number of adults & kids coming, so that I can get her to contact you.

One last thing, the session will START and END on-time, so please don’t come late and expect it to drag, it won’t! Look forward to seeing everyone, including those who normally can’t make it to our sharing session on Saturday morning! Mei

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Good Afternoon. I have been in the medical field for several years and was introduced to a product line created recently by the Dermatologist of Proactive. I started using one of their anti-aging lines and loved it so I became a distributor along with my other medical products. Long story short, I have seen their SMOOTHE line combat some of the worst eczema cases. How do I get this product out to your audience in this forum to inform them of what’s available? I just believe information is knowledge and knowledge can change lives.

Thanks Kim for dropping by 🙂 I don’t review or mention specific product to readers of this blog, the only way to ‘get the word’ out is via the ad on the right side banner. Let me know if you’re keen, cheers!

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