Eczema Devotional

Mom-E-votional : Right Learning

Eczema information
As parents of eczema kids, we keep learning, but we have to learn the right stuff

Some of us may not know this – the week from 17-21 February 2014 is UNESCO (which stands for United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation) Mobile Learning Week. This brings to my mind how much learning we as parents of eczema children do daily on the internet. Likely, you’ve come to this blog because you were googling for information on childhood eczema! It worries me though, as not all write-ups on the internet is accurate – some are bias, and skewed to ‘push’ us towards buying a certain product or service. Sometimes it is not easy to differentiate between right and wrong information as the authors may themselves be mistaken about the accuracy of their information. It is tough because the causes of eczema and its onset are not fully known.

In the same way, what religion and what God we believe in also has much ‘misinformation’ (as a Christian, I believe with evidence and faith that Jesus is God, and in the trinity of God, Jesus and Holy Spirit). I recall a letter that the apostle wrote to Timothy in 2 Timothy 16, where it is stated “All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness,”. God does not expect us to believe in him blindly, but invite us to read and find out the truth. I have made the journey 10 years ago, and believed. I do pray that for Christian parents, we do not forget to guide our children in faith while caring for their skin. For those of you who do not believe in Jesus, I invite you to take that journey.

Bible verse:

Titus 2:1: But as for you, teach what accords with sound doctrine.

Dear God, I pray that you bring us all closer to You – both Christian and not Christian families reading this. I also pray for Your wisdom to guide the information on childhood eczema on the web, so that for those of us writing it – we can be accurate and contribute to right learning of eczema.

learn Right, test the Information

For more on eczema causes and how to discern what works and not.

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