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Loving my Eczema baby

Loving Eczema Hubby and Baby at
Valentine’s Day – A love Poem by Eczema Mom

I love you, no matter what

No sleep so deep

A minute rest at best

Tempers, tantrums

Flare and Flare-ups


Learning to love

Watching us grow

Living today

Loving tomorrow

A poem to celebrate Valentine’s Day. My daughter said she’s making a valentine’s day card for me, if it’s decent, I’ll post it! Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you, and I do hope that my devotional on every friday this year is filling your family life with love. Hugs!

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Thanks Remy! I’m kinda bad mommy, the card she made for me I left it at my parents’ home! lol she’s been holding on to it so much, the paper had already gone crumpled! well… a mommy who is loved by her child can’t complain right 🙂

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