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Eczema Research Focus Month – Food Allergy

Eczema affects food allergy, does it cause it?
Eczema affects food allergy, does it cause it?

Last week, we looked at Probiotics. For today, we’re looking at the relationship between eczema and food allergy. In this study, it was indicated that a breakdown in skin barrier and skin inflammation in eczema could lead to increased food sensitization -> food allergy. This had been covered in the outside-in hypothesis post. Main points of this study:

1. Infants with an impaired skin barrier/ eczema, are more likely than to be sensitised to a variety of foods such as egg white, cow’s milk and peanut.

2. The more severe the eczema, the stronger the correlation to food sensitivity.

3. Repair of skin barrier therefore may reduce food allergy.

My family is already moisturizing lots for our daughter, what about yours? Do you think moisturizing from young had reduced food sensitivity? Share in the comment!

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