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Eczema Support Group – Sharing over Lunch

Eczema Support Group, Singapore

On 30 November (last Friday), the Eczema Support Group held its 3rd sharing session and it’s the 1st over lunch! We had Subway sandwich and indulged a little in their yummy cookies too 🙂

Having it over lunch allows working adults to join during their lunch break and I’m happy to meet new people. We talked about food, what we feed our children with eczema and while we were munching on our sandwiches, I shared Julie Daniluk’s video, here. She has another video on eating organic food and I found another interview she had with Dr Oz on craving killers here.

I’m taking a break in December, but will hold another sharing session on 26 Jan (Sat) and 23 March (Sat) 2013. Check back for updates and meanwhile, please feel very free to drop me a comment on how to improve the sharing session! Thank you to everyone who came, including NSC staff!

Your sharing will help others!