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Happy Eczema Week! From around the world!

OOPs #1 – There’s nothing to be happy about when you’ve eczema

OOPS #2 – I just found out that it is Eczema Week! I didn’t know and just assumed that everyone holds their eczema events this week around the world, just as I’m holding a sharing session this Sat! There’s still some time to RSVP if you like to come, RSVP by end of the day.

Three of my best allies on eczema online are collaborating in the NHS Online Skin Clinic where you are free to ask any skin condition and the doctor panel will answer. Here’s the link.

OOPS #3 – I’m not supporting parents on facebook yet (I know! I’m a resistant dinosaur-ess!) In fact, I need your help to share my content if you use facebook and you can share my latest, just brewed eczema newsletter too.


Your sharing will help others!