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Eczema Twitter Party! Friday, 16 March 2012 9pm EST #4Eczema

Join Us for a Eczema Twitter Party that comes with gifts proudly sponsored by ScratchMeNot and EczemaCompany

Both ScratchMeNot and Eczema Company are set up by passionate moms, whose children have eczema. ScratchMeNot is a PTPA product, clothing that can minimize damage caused by children scratching. Eczema Company is an online store stocked with products that have worked, such as eczema clothing, creams and bath oils.

Join us to share What Works for your child’s eczema!

The Eczema Twitter Party is on Friday, March 16th at 9:00pm EST using #4Eczema

We’ll also be giving away 3 prizes suited for eczema children and winners (from US or Canada) will be selected and contacted by our sponsors.

1st Prize: US$30 store credit at

2nd Prize: 1 ScratchMeNot Classic 3m-3T (Winner specifies whether for a boy or girl)

3rd Prize: ZeeSpot – 100% Organic Onesie (Winner specifies whether for a boy or girl, may be short or long sleeve depending on the size)













Winners will be contacted by email, so do RSVP so that we’ll have your email (but you don’t have to RSVP to join the party). For everyone who participated in the chat, email me after the twitter party at [email protected] for your free picture ebook ‘A to Z Animals are not Scratching!‘ worth US$1.99, a picture book for you to read with your child and encourage him/her not to scratch!

Eczema Twitter Party Details:

Topic – What Works! for Child’s Eczema

Time – Friday, March 16, 2012 at 9-10 PM Eastern (8-9 PM Central, 7-8 PM Mountain, 6-7 PM Pacific,1 2 AM 17 Mar GMT, check your timezone here)


Custom Tweetgrid –

Panelists – @ScratchMeNot, @EczemaCompany, @MarcieMom, @EczemaSupport (Start following the panelists before the party, who always have great advice on eczema! A note to all participants – each panelist will be giving her own unbias view during the twitter party and did not receive any compensation from each other for this party.)

RSVP – by adding in ‘link title’ your twittle handle (i.e. @MarcieMom), email, and state in ‘your url’ your twitter web address  (i.e. below! A note on your email: You may be contacted by our sponsors on the latest in their stores and will definitely be notified by them if you win their prize!

RT – You can help to make the party merrier by spreading word to your followers on twitter, we really look forward to sharing about eczema to more people! We take child’s eczema seriously and start asking your questions in comments below or tweet @MarcieMom #4Eczema
[tweetbox width=”550″ height=”60″ label=”Tell Your Followers about #4Eczema Twitter Party!” content=”Join #4Eczema Twitter Party 16 March 9-10pm EST as we chat What Works for Eczema! RSVP at Pls RT @MarcieMom”]


5 replies on “Eczema Twitter Party! Friday, 16 March 2012 9pm EST #4Eczema”

Hi Guys
Not quite sure if you are interested, but I manage an online shop specialized in Eczema Cure and Management:
It is unique and leading store for all people affected by eczema.
We sell worldwide.
It is not only commercial but also educational, based on my long experience in dealing with Atopic Dermatitis.

Starting asking your questions! We take child eczema seriously, enough for us to want to research your questons before the party!

Some of the questions moms are already asking:
What are your thought of stopping #steroid and the red skin syndrome?
How accurate is RAST test?

Thanks Karin, we may be having a UK timezone if this one goes well. Then, it’ll be our early morning time, so we can take it as sleeping late rather than waking early!

Twitter party, what a perfect event. I would love to participate too, but 5am on a Saturday morning is a little bit too early for me. I will be reading the tweets on #4eczema later. I wish you have a great party and a good exchange of ideas.

Btw, thumbs up for the changes on the blog. 🙂

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