Guest Interview

Registered Dietitian Answers on Child’s Diet

Joy Musselman, Registered Dietitian who specialize in weight management

Joy Musselman @MyDietitianJoy answers Marcie Mom’s questions relating to children’s diet. Joy hosted a live chat #foodchat and was kind enough to answer my questions even after the chat! Here’re the three questions I asked and Joy’s replies:

Marcie Mom:  Any recommendations on what a child with sensitive skin or eczema should eat to improve his or her skin condition?
Joy: For eczema a varied diet is best. Not sure of your child age but recommend try avocados, whole grains, and lots of fruits/veggies.
Marcie Mom: How long should a child keep drinking baby juice that’s vitamin fortified? When can he/she upgrade to fruit juice? Is there still a need to dilute?
Joy: 100% fruit juice is ok after 6months but limit to 4-6oz per new guidelines.
Marcie Mom: Can a child drink cold water? Any adverse effect? From how young can cold water be given to a child? (The reason I asked this was because my baby Marcie loves cold drinks and sometimes I distract her from scratching! See this post)
Joy: Water is ok (even cold) once solid foods are introduced. I give water only with solids. Breastmilk or formula to meet fluid needs.

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