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Poem for my Eczema Baby – Till You Fall Asleep

This is a poem which I submitted for the love poem contest organized by Singapore’s Writer’s Festival and Timbre Music Academy; my poem didn’t get shortlisted but hey… I still love it.

Till You Fall Asleep

Every night
I hold your hands
Every night
Sweet dreams I send
Every night
I’ll sing to you
Every night
I’ll pray for you
For you to sleep

But you can’t, you don’t
You hardly fall asleep
You scratch, you cry
You barely can sleep

Till you fall asleep
I will say the same prayer
Till you fall asleep
I will sing the same songs
Till you fall asleep
I will hold your hands
Till I fall asleep
I will do all that I can

With a picture of my girl sleeping that I absolutely love!

Eczema Baby Poem

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