My Book Giveaway at #Dadchat on #Eczema and #Allergies

This Thursday evening for those in US timezone, 6-7pm PT or 9-10pm ET, or for those in Singapore 9-10am GMT+8, come to twitter and join #Dadchat. This is a weekly chat, hosted by Bruce Sallan, who is a TV producer turned dad, writer (with his column A Dad’s Point of View published in over 100 […]

#4Eczema Twitter Party – A Successful Sharing of What Works!

Wow! It was such a fun and quick-paced sharing and our experts shared so much with the participants! I’d hate for such useful advice to go to waste, so I’m putting up the selected transcript in this post. If you have further questions for our experts, you can tweet OneSpot_Allergy or DoctorClaudia or SJApaliski or EczemaSupport or simply ask in […]

#4Eczema Twitter Party – Connect with our Experts!

It’s less than a week to our #4Eczema Twitter Party on 16 March 9pm EST! We can’t wait to chat on What Works for your Child’s Eczema! Do start following our panelists @MarcieMom @ScratchMeNot @EczemaCompany @EczemaSupport and also our Eczema Experts who will be joining in to help! To help to get you know our experts better, […]

Eczema Twitter Party! Friday, 16 March 2012 9pm EST #4Eczema

Join Us for a Eczema Twitter Party that comes with gifts proudly sponsored by ScratchMeNot and EczemaCompany Both ScratchMeNot and Eczema Company are set up by passionate moms, whose children have eczema. ScratchMeNot is a PTPA product, clothing that can minimize damage caused by children scratching. Eczema Company is an online store stocked with products […]

New to Twitter Party?

I’m hosting a #4Eczema Twitter Party and I thought I’d write a short post so that no one will be intimidated to join (esp. parents of eczema children, who may just be too busy to catch up on the twitter party scene). What’s a Twitter Party? Simply put, it’s a gathering of people using twitter […]