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New to Twitter Party?

I’m hosting a #4Eczema Twitter Party and I thought I’d write a short post so that no one will be intimidated to join (esp. parents of eczema children, who may just be too busy to catch up on the twitter party scene).

What’s a Twitter Party?
Simply put, it’s a gathering of people using twitter to discuss a common topic at the designated time. So, the most important two things are to know 1) the hashtag for the party, e.g #4Eczema and 2) the date & time (and do get the timezone right!)

What’s the Customized TweetGrid?
An example of a customized tweetgrid is in the picture above. It’s really for your convenience where the hashtag for the party is already keyed into the 1st column, the panelists in the 2nd column and you key in your own twitter name in the 3rd column. It’s the same thing if you log onto Tweet Grid directly, and key in the info on their party page. The most primitive way is to see the #hashtag tweets on twitter, but then you have to refresh it every time and key in the hashtag manually -versus it’s already keyed in right at the top.

Steps to Take:

1. 1st – Open a Twitter Account
This is basic, if you don’t have a twitter account, you can’t join a twitter party.
2. 2nd – Use aTweeter Platform
As explained above, this will save you time to refresh and key in hashtag everytime, plus you can see the tweets more easily in a multi-column layout. If the tweets are moving so fast off your screen, you can click the ‘Stop’ button to catch a breather and compose your tweet. Recommend using TweetGrid and feel free to use the customized tweetgrid. Remember to log in!
3. 3rd – Tweet
Participate, jump in and tweet! Twitter itself is a friendly platform and a twitter party with an objective to share and learn is a fun and safe place to tweet. Follow the panelists before the party and feel free to start asking questions such as “@MarcieMom I like to learn which cradlecap shampoo works! #4Eczema”
4. Last but not Least – Prize
If you’re contacted for a prize you’ve won from the sponsors of the event, be happy and nice to work with them on receiving your prize. May need your address if they’re sending prizes to you.
5. Before you forget – RSVP for the event
It’s super easy to insert your twitter handle (e.g. @MarcieMom), email and url (e.g. RSVP will let the panelists know you before the party, feature your name in the twitter party blog post and sometimes, even entitle you to free gifts!
Have fun and no worries, you’ll be an expert in this in no time.

Your sharing will help others!