Signing Time – Great for keeping fingers busy + Available on iPad

I’ve blogged a few times on how signing has helped Marcie with her eczema, by distracting her from scratching. You can read my guest post on or refer to my post Distracting Little Fingers or my interview with Laura Berg, the founder of another sign language program MySmartHands. I love learning sign language with my baby Marcie, and […]

Distracting Little Fingers of Children

Are you running out of ideas to distract your child with eczema from scratching? Marcie (in photo) knows about 200 signs from Amercian Sign Language (ASL) and sometimes when she wants to scratch, I’d quickly distract her by asking her how to sign certain animals, like “Mouse”, “Monkey” or “Bird”. Most of the time, it […]

Educating Babies using Sign Language at My Smart Hands

Marcie Mom at catches up with Laura Berg, the founder of My Smart Hands, an international company of about 200 instructors that educates young minds using sign language. Marcie Mom interviews Laura because signing has occupied Marcie’s fingers and distracted her from scratching her eczema rash. To let readers of learn more about signing, Laura […]