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Signing Time – Great for keeping fingers busy + Available on iPad

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I’ve blogged a few times on how signing has helped Marcie with her eczema, by distracting her from scratching. You can read my guest post on or refer to my post Distracting Little Fingers or my interview with Laura Berg, the founder of another sign language program MySmartHands. I love learning sign language with my baby Marcie, and Signing Time has kept us company for many months when I was a stay-at-home mom.

So when Signing Time is made available on iPad and offers me a free video download of my choice and blog about it, I’m happy to do a blog review (something which I don’t normally do because Marcie is not available for testing and we simply can’t incorporate ad-hoc products into her skincare routine).

My video download choice?

Sing & Sign – A compilation of songs from some of the signing time DVDs; and this is only available as a digital download. The video is saved on the computer and can be viewed whenever the parent and child are free, without the need to have internet connection (once downloaded). I view it on a Mac with my toddler, Marcie and we had a fun hour learning signs and I’m reminded once again why I love Signing Time:

1. Real people – the founders are in the video, with her daughter and nephew! There is one animated character, Hopkins the Frog, who I assure you is a fun animal who doesn’t transform into anything nor poke-any-mon!

2. Easy to follow signs with colored tapes on fingers – this makes it easier to view the signs

3. Heart-warming songs – some songs are upbeat with a very catchy tune, some are emotional and can bring me to tears. The lyrics are meaningful, fun, rhyme and even parents like to sing them!

4. Expand vocabulary while learning lessons – With songs such as saying thank you, please, sharing and learning vegetables and fruits (besides ABC and 123), children can learn meaningful lessons while signing (in fact, I use it to reinforce what my toddler learns in preschool!)

So, it’s clear I love Signing Time and I think because I watch it during my most struggle-with-eczema time being a stay at home mom, it always has a special place in my heart. What I have to make special mention, is that Signing Time is offering a chance to win iPad3 when you download their video, including one of their FREE videos! This iPad sweepstake is open till May 18th, so hurry!

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I like the idea of signing as distraction from scratching. I bet there haven’t been any studies done on signing specifically, but it makes a lot of sense. You could even incorporate it into Dr B’s habit reversal–instead of scratching, sign “I’m itchy”!

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