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Gladskin Eczema Cream that Targets just the Staph Bacteria – The Top Questions that Parents Ask when Choosing Moisturizer for their Child

In the previous post, we learnt that Gladskin’s eczema skincare products contain Micreobalance™ – a patented smart protein that that actively rebalances the good and bad bacteria that naturally live on eczema-prone skin. This leaves the good bacteria on your child’s skin intact. In this post, we want to ask the questions that will help you to decide whether to choose Gladskin.

This is a 2-week series focused on Gladskin’s targeted approach in improving eczema skin, through maintaining a healthy skin microbiome. I’m honored to have the President of Gladskin USA, Skyler Stein, to help in this series. Read his bio here.

Interview with Skyler Stein of Gladskin USA

Choosing a Skincare Product – What else other than Killing Bacteria

We know that there are certain problems causing bacteria that are major culprits in eczema, and therefore, Gladskin’s targeted approach to rebalancing the skin microbiome as it moisturizes offers a logical solution that can be used daily.

By contrast, you are less likely to use antimicrobial cleansers daily because you do not want to remove the good bacteria on a daily basis. However, you may have a lot more considerations other than killing bacteria in your skincare product choice, so let’s check with Gladskin’s Skyler Stein on how they decide what goes into their Eczema Cream.

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Hypoallergenicity – What it Means to Gladskin

Hypoallergenic is a term that is not regulated, and taken to mean that it is less likely to create an allergic reaction.

MarcieMom: Can you explain what hypoallergenic means to Gladskin – for instance, do you see it as the exclusion of certain ingredients or maintaining a limit for potential irritants?

Skyler Stein: We perform extensive clinical safety testing on our products. For the Gladskin Eczema Cream we performed Repeated Patch Insult Test, 21 Day Cumulative Irritation Testing, and a phototoxicity safety panel on the formulation. In addition, we formulate our product to be free of ingredients that are commonly irritating to eczema-prone skin, including steroids, preservatives, fragrances, drying alcohols, sulfates etc

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Interaction of Skincare Products – What Happens when You Use More than One Eczema Cream

MarcieMom: I read on your FAQ page that ingredients in other skincare products may reduce the efficacy of Gladskin. I am assuming that this has to do with Micreobalance. However, parents may be applying mild corticosteroids on eczema lesions, how would that affect Gladskin? How would you recommend applying steroid cream with Gladskin, for instance, is there an interval to wait before steroids can be applied or should parents apply steroid cream first?

Skyler Stein: Yes, you are correct. The Gladskin formulation is designed to maximize the efficacy of the Micreobalance. It is possible that ingredients in other products may inactivate the Micreobalance. Gladskin can be used in combination with other treatments (i.e. corticosteroids), however, we recommend waiting 5-10 minutes after applying Gladskin to apply any other product so that the Micreobalance has time to work.

MarcieMom: Personally, when a certain cream is expensive and cannot be generously applied on the whole of my child’s body, I may use it as a first layer cream over the skin areas more affected by eczema, followed by a cheaper moisturizer over her whole body. But as I want to reduce the time taken for this routine, I would usually apply the creams consecutively. How would that affect Gladskin? Is there a list of skincare ingredients to be avoided when using Gladskin?

Skyler Stein: We do not have an exhaustive list of ingredients that should be avoided while using Gladskin and it can be the combination of different products that may inactivate the endolysin. This is why we recommend waiting 5-10 minutes before applying any other products. If possible we recommend avoiding preservatives and other ingredients that may have a negative effect on the skin microbiome. 

We recommend waiting 5-10 minutes before applying any other products. 

Skyler Stein: Gladskin can withstand temperatures of over 100ºF for a week, and 3 months at room temperature. If you plan to keep Gladskin longer than 3 months we recommend storing it in the refrigerator.  It’s safe to take with you to the park on a hot summer day, but we don’t recommend keeping it in a hot car for months. 

Thank you Skyler for letting us have an insight into how you choose the ingredients that go into Gladskin Eczema Cream and how to use it for maximum effect. It is certainly a novel approach for people with eczema. Gladskin users are seeing really amazing results, often within the first few days of using it. You can read current customers stories at

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