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#SkinishMom Letters for Eczema Back to School – Strictly Uniform

Inspired by my back to school eczema tips, I wondered what letter a parent would write to inform the school of the child’s eczema and skincare.This is the second of a series of four #SkinishMom letters written to different schools (conjured up by my imagination and all schools are fictitious!).

Back to School Eczema Letter to School on Uniform Policy
Back to School Eczema Letter to School on Uniform Policy

Dear Principal,

I’m in full agreement with your uniform policy and having kids wear uniform give them a sense of identity with the school and eliminates issues with wearing home clothes such as differing fashion views on what’s ‘proper’ wear (and in this all-inclusive age, we almost fear saying someone else’s view is wrong!).

Sadly, my child cannot wear the uniform – not as it is. The current material has 60% polyester, with seams that are very rough and irritate her skin. We have tried, really tried very hard. The first day of wearing the uniform, her eczema flare-up all over her torso, especially the neck and skin areas in contact with the seams. On the second day, it just gets worse. If you’d be so kind to imagine and put yourself in her shoes, it’s like wearing a clothing that has many ants. These are shoes difficult to fit, and which principal can force the child under his care to wear an ant-filled clothing?

I can think of many ways to resolve this uniform problem:

  1. Allow me to custom-make a similar uniform without using the same material and have seams on the outside
  2. Allow my child to wear the t-shirt and shorts attire that is all cotton
  3. Allow my child to wear an inner garment for eczema children on no-exercise days and wear t-shirt and shorts on exercise days
  4. Allow my child to wear the t-shirt and shorts after lunch to reduce time with the uniform on

With all the alternatives, and none proposing to disregard your school’s uniform policy, surely there is some tolerance within your policy to allow for one of the above alternative? Also, deeply appreciate if you can put me in contact with the other parents – together we can negotiate with the uniform maker. Do you need a letter from the doctor explaining why the uniform as it is cannot be worn by my child?

Thank you

#SkinishMom Disclaimer : A little tongue-in-cheek, don’t cut and paste and send to your child’s school!

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