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#SkinishMom Letters for Eczema Back to School – Classroom Seat

Inspired by my back to school eczema tips, I wondered what letter a parent would write to inform the school of the child’s eczema and skincare.This is the third of a series of four #SkinishMom letters written to different schools (conjured up by my imagination and all schools are fictitious!).

Back to School Eczema Letter to School on Classroom Seating Arrangement
Back to School Eczema Letter to School on Classroom Seating Arrangement

Dear Teacher,

Thank you for guiding and helping my child in your class. I know that you have been tolerant of his scratching, due to eczema – it’s impossible to control the itch (in fact, scientists are just beginning to understand how the itch signals can be blocked). I know you have assigned my child to sit near the window, and that he cannot change his seat. There are however, a few problems with this ‘premier window seat’:

  1. It’s a ‘hot’ seat – Not as in my child gets called to answer questions but that it literally heats up by noon. Increased temperature and sweat causes my child to itch and eczema flare.
  2. It’s near to dust – The windows have dust in the ledge and that irritates my child’s skin. I’m not a fan of cleaning windows and certainly don’t expect the school to have window’s ledges cleaned.
  3. It’s near to the radiator – I would expect when winter comes and the radiator is on, the heat from it will certainly trigger eczema rash.

I’d be grateful if you can re-assign my child’s seat. I’m aware that teachers assign seats for a reason (or many reasons) and that your original arrangement certainly has its basis. Perhaps another factor to consider is it is distracting both for you, my child and the classmates sitting behind him to see him scratching non-stop.

Thank you

#SkinishMom Disclaimer : A little tongue-in-cheek, don’t cut and paste and send to your child’s school!

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