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Pharmacist Chat with Eczema Support Group

Products and Medication – Balancing the Two!

Today, the Eczema Support Group for parents of eczema children had a lovely lunch with Senior Pharmacist, Winnie Li.

First, I had my pizza, which looked exactly like the picture on left! 2nd, Winnie had prepared notes for the parents and 3rd, nice conversation and Q&A was undergoing during the up-close with pharmacist session!

A few new points I learnt:

1. For eczema patients, a cream is preferred instead of lotion for a better occlusive property (see moisturizing function here)

2. Urea is a humectant, however 5% for kids and choose one without SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate). Urea is known to have keratolytic effect, which means it helps to soften the thickened skin, thus suitable for adult whose skin has lichenification overtime.

3. Just bath oil is cleansing enough, no need for soap cleanser (more on bath here)

4. As always the topic of local corticosteroid creams comes up, and the tip is to balance the two – use prescription cream when there’s a flare-up to treat it, and when there is no flare-up – keep up the moisturizing and healthy lifestyle.

A point that is emphasized is to keep moisturizing the skin as it is a very crucial step to protect and repair sensitive/eczema skin.

Check back for next month’s topic which is on skincare, will be on a Sat morning!

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