Eczema Devotional

Mom-e-votional : Better Skin, Better Everything

Baby Skin Eczema
Don’t let wishing for something turn to covetousness!

I drew this cartoon because I realized that I was looking at all the children’s (and everyone!) skin – Marcie has eczema and I wonder how some babies and children have such smooth and perfect skin! It then occurred to me that very often when someone tells us about their achievement, say ‘I managed to lose 14kg in a year’ (which I did!) or ‘I just bought a new property’ or ‘I’m now promoted to be director of my department’, our first response is ‘Congrats, I’m so fat, or so poor, or going nowhere in my life!’. Does such response instinctively come from comparing ourselves with others and wishing that the good things happen to us?

I’m reminded always that the most subtle sin in the Ten Commandments in the bible is COVETOUS. It is subtle, yes. You have something? I wish I have too. Parents with eczema children may also have to make more sacrifice – fewer holidays because your leave is used on eczema flare-ups or not able to find an alternate caregiver, or less money as the expenses of caring eczema is taking up the budget. I pray that as we journey in life, we will have gratitude and not focus on what we do not have. Resentment and frustration builds when we focus and blame life (or our convenient spouse) for why we don’t get ‘things’ in life.

Bible verse:

Luke 12:15 : And he said to them, “Take care, and be on your guard against all covetousness, for one’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions.”

Dear God, guard our heart against covetousness. Warn me when I have envy or jealousy. Alert me when I start to resent or blame someone for what I do not have. Teach me gratitude for what I have.

Be Careful NOT TO Covet

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