Eczema Devotional

Mom-E-votional – You Have to Do This, That

My words have to show care and love for my family, and not just to-do list!
My words have to show care and love for my family, and not just to-do list!

Some days I worry what being a mom has turned me into – my to-do list seems to become my mantra, as I go about each day thinking about the chores that need to be done, on top of getting my child a bath, moisturized and calm (not itchy) for bedtime. My to-do list seems to take over my life on some evenings that are filled with chores, and I find myself barking commands to my husband and child ‘You have to clean up, You have to get ready for shower, You have to…’ (fill in your own list!)

Maybe there is a real need to get certain chores done, I certainly don’t want my child to go to preschool without her uniform!; or there may be some stuff that can be put off or eliminated; or they may all have to be done, but we can learn to ask for help nicely and look beyond the to-do list to remember that our family needs love and support. I do pray for all stressed out eczema families, that whatever to-do list you have, you remember to love each other. I know I have to pray loads to remember that!

Bible Verse:

Proverbs 12:25: Anxiety in a man’s heart weighs him down, but a good word makes him glad.

Dear God, remind me to speak always calmly and lovingly. Gosh, you know the chores to be done and help me to get them done but always remind me that having a happy and calm home is more important than a clean and spotless one, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Our Words (Heart and Love) Matter more than Our Actions

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