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Itchy Scalp of Eczema Child

It’s my monthly Take-To-Twitter for tweet wisdom, and for this month, I’ve asked dermatologists ‘How to Deal with Itchy Scalp of Eczema Child?’ It’s not the first time I’ve covered scalp in my blog – there’s the scalp eczema series with celeb hairstylist Kristan Serafino (who styles A-list celebs like Matthew McConaughey), and various posts on cradle cap here. But still, MY OWN CHILD’s Scalp is Itchy every night! It sparked my curiosity and I took to twitter to ask skin experts for their tips:

@MarcieMom asks experts on how to deal with itchy scalp of eczema toddler
@MarcieMom asks experts on how to deal with itchy scalp of eczema toddler

Dr Claudia Aguirre says “Try an oil scalp massage – relaxes baby and dissolves flakes. Follow with SOFT brush and then wash gently. You can use even coconut oil for a little massage to loosen the flakes and comb it through. Then wash off gently.”

Dr Anne Ellis says “Frequent application of bland moisturizer like Glaxal Base, sparing use of low dose hydrocortisone with canesten 1 percent each.”

Dr John Ashworth says “The scalp is another area of skin that needs moisturising like anywhere else; problem is there is lots of hair on scalp, and therefore treating the scalp is tough and time consuming, but can usually be helped with the right approach.”

Dr Jessica Krant says “Itchy Scalp of Toddler, cradlecap, can be improved by dissolving flakes with olive oil first.”

Dr Robin Schaffran says “For eczema itchy scalp, try a dandruff shampoo with zinc, a 1% hydrocortosone lotion 2 times daily or ask your doctor for a prescription.”

From the above replies, it seem like there is still a need to treat and moisturize the scalp. Frankly, I haven’t been doing either because it seems like an impossible task to get through the hair onto the scalp to apply lotion. Especially, when given how late we get back home, getting Marcie into bed by 11pm is already a challenge. We’ll see… how about you? Share in the comments!

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We have had this problem, too, and still do on occasion in winter months. I have pretty good luck with a tar shampoo, like Neutrogena’s T-Gel.

Like you and your poor child need more itchy skin issues! 🙁 Best of luck!

I did, Mei, thanks! My husband and I are still discussing it, but I’ll let you know one way or the other soon, I’m sure. Congrats on the book deal, by the way!

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