(Video) Common Baby Rash – Ok or Not?

First of all, I’m starting to incorporate videos into my blog, so that parents who are busy or who likes to view videos on Youtube can access to the vast skincare, nutrition and parenting tips for eczema families! I NEED YOUR SUPPORT, do subscribe to my EczemaBlues channel here. As I’m just starting out, and […]

Friday Feature – Eczema Q&A with Dr. B

This was originally a series of Friday Q&As in 2012 which had since been combined into one informative post. Bedtime Routine for Eczema Kids Marcie Mom: I set up a bedtime routine of reading books, singing songs, turning off all the lights and playing baby christian songs. We also pray for good night’s sleep! How does […]

Does your baby have eczema and cradle cap

My baby Marcie does. The cradle cap developed the same time as her eczema rash, at about 2 weeks old. It’s greasy, yellow, crusty and difficult to scrape off. I applied olive oil onto the cradle cap, and combed it off when the crust soften. Cradle cap can develop above eyebrows and inside the ears […]