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Eczema Support Group 2nd Sharing on Scratching Distraction

Parents noting child is scratching (picture credit Chapter 5 of the habit reversal manual was the giveaway! Thanks DrB!

Last Saturday, the Eczema Support Group met for the 2nd sharing session and everyone had warmed up to each other and shared tips freely with one another!

For those who are new, I’m hosting monthly support group session held under the Eczema Support Group, for parents with children.

Once again, for those who missed the session or STILL waiting at the sidelines before taking the jump to meet up, below is a glimpse of how the sharing session went.

1. Cosy turnout – It could be exam month for kids, so we’d a smaller turnout compared to the first session, but it’s cozy and getting to feel like family!

2. Topic was distracting from scratching and everyone shared about their tricks but as we all know, it’s easier said than done.

3. A video was shown of the successful 2-week wet wrap program under National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (I’ve learnt of this as many moms in US shared that their child’s eczema became manageable after the program).

4. People brought food and everyone was happy! Thank you to everyone including NSC staff for making it so!

– – – – –

Dr Mark Tang, one of our doctors on the Eczema Support Group’s advisory panel, came and interacted with our members. No medical question posed to him in this session.

Your sharing will help others!