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Eczema Support Group 1st Sharing on Moisturizing!

No photos please! Only the dog can be photographed!
Balloon Sculpture to occupy children during the sharing session

I had a wonderful time meeting up, learning and sharing with other parents of eczema children last Saturday, the very first of a monthly support group session held under the Eczema Support Group.

Everything shared was in confidence, so no specifics or pictures would be published (none taken in fact!) But for those who missed last Saturday’s sharing or waiting at the sidelines before taking the jump to meet up, below is a quick snapshot of how the sharing session went.

1. Good turnout – the meeting room was packed and thank you to my hubby for occupying the children with balloon sculpture & puzzles!

2. Topic was moisturizing and everyone shared readily about their moisturizing and eczema management experience.

3. Tubifast came to demonstrate how to wet wrap their bandage on various parts of the body, such as face and hand.

4. People brought food and everyone was happy, I hope! Because I know I’m happy and thrilled it went well, thank you to everyone including NSC staff for making it so!

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Oh & before I forget, I asked Dr Mark Tang, one of our doctors on the Eczema Support Group’s advisory panel, questions I noted:

1. If steroid is put on the skin before moisturizer, will the steroid be diluted? Answer is putting steroid before or after is more of a personal preference and there is no clinical difference noted in either.

2. How frequent can a child with eczema go for swimming? About 15 minutes each time, 3 times per week.

3. Should rotating various moisturizing brands be practiced? No clinical basis for rotation.

4. Are natural or organic skincare products better? Natural/organic doesn’t mean no allergy reaction, best to look into ingredients.

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Hi Lush, Tubifast replied..

Tubifast roll is available at Guardian Pharmacy, eg Paragon, Parkway Parade, Serangoon, Bukit Batok etc. Product is sold at pharmacy counter (where they sell medicine)

Hi Mei, thanks for organising the support grp! where can we purchase Tubifast? I cant seem to find it at Guardian.. thanks. 🙂

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