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Weaning off Eczema Baby from Co-Sleeping

Baby Marcie thought the cot is a fun place to walk around -> Baby Marcie found out that she’s staying in the cot for the night

 2 hours later, at 1 a.m.

My hubby was comforting Marcie, while I pretended to be dead -> Finally, out of exhaustion, everyone’s asleep

Hi! Last night was such a major milestone that I had to update you all; my baby Marcie spent the first night sleeping by herself in her cot! If you’ve seen my previous posts (here and here), you’d know that I’ve been co-sleeping with my baby. But for the past month, I’ve had a bad cough and Marcie sleeping on me made it worse. Last night, we cleared the clutter in her cot, vacuumed her mattress and resolved to regain our bodies (and sanity) at night.

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