13 of the 101 things that Moms with Eczema Child do Differently – Challenging Bedtime

I actually wish morning will come sooner…

This is the thirteenth of my “101 Things that Moms with Eczema Child Do Differently“, a tongue-in-cheek look at the many unique situations that we face. For more cartoons, click here to view.

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  1. It’s like you were a fly on the wall in our house a few months ago. Ugh, the horrible memories of those nights makes me sad. Thankfully we are far from there now. Thanks for sharing this. I just posted on my blog.

  2. […] Posted by Jennifer in Uncategorized November 4, 2011 I just came across this cartoon from Marcie Mom. It brings me back to the horrible nights when Tristan’s eczema was extreme. Back before we […]

  3. My version of cartoon would be there is 2 bed. And my husband will be sleeping in the other bed .While i ll be co-sleeping with my son on the other bed. hehe..

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