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Colouring Page that cost 40 singapore dollars

ABC Coloring Page

It almost felt like we paid 40 dollars for a coloring kid’s menu as the food was bad. Marcie’s eczema is triggered by heat and so we have limited restaurants to go to on a crowded weekend (and even more limited as we wanted to get fish for her). The poached cod fish in chicken broth was dry and tough while the danish fish and chips was way too salty to feed a young toddler. The only saving grace – Marcie loves to color the kid’s menu and was occupied the whole time without scratching.

That got me thinking that coloring page is incredibly useful to bring out over meals, even more so for an eczema child who needs to be distracted from scratching. I bought a box of crayons for Marcie and downloaded an ABC coloring page for her. Here is a compilation of A to Z Distraction tips for your eczema child.

Below are the links to find some nice coloring page printables for your child.

Woojr – Nice design, easy to print (that’s where I got the ABC coloring page) – There’s A to Z animal on each page

Educationalcoloringpages – Great selection to learn ABCs, 123, shapes and colors!

Below are pictures of Marcie’s first coloring experience with crayons and eventually, everything ended up thrown on the floor!

Marcie opening crayon box
Marcie choosing her crayon
Marcie coloring her ABCs (actually Marcie Mom did most of the coloring!)

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