Mom NeedyZz Cartoon – Baby Crying, NOT for Milk!

Already sleepless for the couple Kate and Mark, before baby Kayla is diagnosed with eczema. How long can they last? For more cartoons on Kate and Mark, see here.

Mom NeedyZz Cartoon – Which One is Your Baby?

Want to know from Baby Kayla’s perspective? And here’s what the whole nursery of babies are talking! Above 2 cartoons are from Life of Eczema Girl cartoon series, here and here.

Mom NeedyZz Cartoon – I don’t care about Cute Baby, I want Sleep!

Can you really blame Daddy Mark for being so so in awe of his baby’s cuteness? For more cartoons on Kate and Mark, see here.

Mom NeedyZz Cartoon – ‘Expecting’ Dads Get Tired too!

Check back last week’s cartoon to see why this ‘expecting’ dad is so tired!

Mom NeedyZz Cartoon – Husbands, think before You Ask What to Do!

Anyone’s husband like to Do things to help? Share your funnies with me! For all cartoons in this series, see Mom Sleep Cartoon.

Mom NeedyZz Cartoon – Guys talk on Pregnancy Sleep

Can you believe it? There’s a reason why this couple, Mark and Kate, stays as a couple. See last week’s cartoon for the hint!

Mom NeedyZz Cartoon – Girls talk on Pregnancy Sleep

This is the second of Mom NeedyZz cartoon, first one here and Why this Series? here.

Mom NeedyZz Cartoon – Pregnancy Sleep Position

Hi to all fans out there! Most of you are moms and I thought to have some laugh among us girls, this Mom NeedyZz cartoon will have more of our life, our sleep, not limited to carrying and raising eczema babies. Do let me know if you have any idea for sleep-related cartoons, after all, this […]

Mom NeedyZz Cartoon – Eczema Girl taking a Break

From the creator MarcieMom, aka Mei to Eczema Girl Hey Eczema Girl! So sorry that I haven’t given you a name despite the series of you having run for 14 months. Time flies isn’t it? You’ve grown from a fetus to baby to toddler to preschooler. But seriously, a cartoonist (and a mom) need sleep – […]