I Am Kate cartoon – Life has got to be Different

Seriously, this is philosophically difficult. We teach our kids to have routine yet sometimes, if everything everyday is the same, does it get pointless? Follow Kate here.

I Am Kate cartoon – Every day of 365 days of Mom work

Personally I find it difficult to think and plan when at home, as the demands of the home/ child seem endless and even if I’ve planned, my plans are hard to carry out unless in the middle of the night (like now, 1am, preparing this post, asking myself ‘why do I keep doing this?’ and replying […]

I Am Kate cartoon – Mom New Year Resolution

This year we’re continuing with the characters from last year’s Mom NeedyZz cartoon but focusing on Kate charting her life. A little like what I always feel in the beginning of the year. I pray that all mothers have a little ‘me’ time to think through their life, but yes, we’d always still be a mommy.

Mom NeedyZz Cartoon – Mom Self-Motivational Talk

I’ve been through that – just never actually dressed up to give myself the pep talk lol! Share your self-motivational tips in any of the Mom NeedyZz cartoons here.