Best of 2012 MarcieMom Eczema Twitter Tips – On Hygiene, Nutrition & Lifestyle

Last but not least, the Best of 2012 MarcieMom Eczema Twitter Tips would also include tweets on hygiene, nutrition and lifestyle! I’m passionate about these – prevention of staph infection through good hygiene and prevention of diseases and obesity through healthy eating and living! Also tons of gratitude to world renowned experts who help me […]

Julie Daniluk’s Healthy Recipes with Anti-Inflammatory Ingredients

Children with eczema, like all other children, need healthy food to grow. Lack of sleep and the constant struggle with eczema may have affected your child’s growth and thus, it’s even more important to ensure a healthy diet. MarcieMom is privileged to be given permission to feature recipes of Julie Daniluk, and have selected nutritious […]

Friday Q&A with Julie Daniluk – Foods in Spotlight – Green Beans, Mushroom, Seaweed and Bok Choy

Shiitake Mushroom What are the nutritional benefits of Shiitake Mushroom? Julie: Shiitake mushroom is a tasty and nutritious fungi, that has been studied and also associated with protecting our body against toxins, in particular our liver. Other benefits include: Protecting against flu – This is due to the compound known as Active Hexose Correlated Compound (AHCC) which […]

Eczema Kids’ Nutrition

This 5-part Eczema Kids’ Nutrition series was in collaboration with Toby Amidor, whereby MarcieMom would share different topics on kids’ nutrition and Toby provide her insights. It has since been combined into one longer informative post. Inflammatory Foods What’s Inflammation? Inflammation is a protective response of our body to remove injured cells or irritants and […]