101 things that Mothers with Eczema Child do Differently

And the Winner of Pinterest Eczema Cartoon Contest is…

EczemaBlues Pinterest Cartoon Contest Winner
The Winner of the Pinterest Contest is Marissa Adams!

As you know my cartoon series ‘101 things that Moms with Eczema Child do Differently‘ has come to a finale this Monday (after running for 2 years!), and I’ve organized a Pinterest contest for some fun for my readers! EIGHT people put in their contest boards, and the selected winner is

Marissa Adams, with her EczemaBlues Cartoon board 

Marissa is a mom of eczema child, whose son started having eczema around 4 months. View her board and see how many parents have shared experience and the cartoons do tell it all.

It was a close contest with Ace the Journey’s board and also my deepest gratitude to Selena, Pucci Laveau, Christine, Tasha, Elizabeth, Tiffany and Connie for your support.  Many of you bring joy and friendship to me everyday on Twitter.

So Marissa has won US$25 cash, and what’s happening next on Monday? It will be an inspirational cartoon series of Where it All Begin!

101 things that Mothers with Eczema Child do Differently

Eczema Mom Cartoon Pinterest Contest – USD25 Giveaway

Eczema Blues Pinterest Cartoon ContestHi! My 101 Things that Mothers with Eczema Child do Differently cartoons are coming to an end, and I thought running a Pinterest contest with US$25 MONEY (from my paypal) would be a neat way to thank you for the support and have some fun!

Steps and Contest Rules

Step 1: Create a board named “EczemaBlues Cartoon” and pin your favorite cartoons from the 101 cartoons, full link here: If you find other cartoons outside of my blog, feel free to pin too! Oh, also, dads can take part too, anyone (with or without eczema) can.

Step 2: Leave a comment in this post with a link to your EczemaBlues Cartoon board (be sure to enter your email address so that I can contact you to redeem the prize) If you can’t manage to get the comment through (it’ll be moderated, so check back within a day), tweet me (@marciemom) to let me know.

The contest ends on 8 July (whichever time zone you’re in), judging will start from 9 July and the winner be announced in this blog on 11 July. The winner will get USD25, direct transfer from my paypal to yours! If for whatever reason the paypal transfer couldn’t get through, I’d use the US$25 to purchase something you want (including delivery charge) from a site that accepts paypal.

Something for Everyone: If you’ve taken part in this contest and like to have an electronic version of my A to Z Animals are not Scratching! book (selling at US$1.99), please leave a comment asking for the ebook in this post (with your email filled in) so that I can send it to you.

Make my day – while you’re on this site, do subscribe to my email list and newsletter (at top right side banner). I’m not making this part of the contest, cos I know parents are busy, but if you can find the energy to submit your email, I’d be very happy!

Judging: Judging for the Winner will be by Marcie’s Dad, who will decide based on which board tells a compelling story of your family life, few pointers:

1. Name of board must be correct “EczemaBlues Cartoon”

2. Description of board is relevant

3. Sufficient number of pins to tell your family story

4. Description for the pin that tells why that particular pin applies for your family

5. I’m (of course) assuming that you know how to pin. Pin from my website, and NOT save the cartoon to your computer then load it back to pinterest.

For sample board, see mine