#SkinishMom – Mirror Mirror on the Wall, is being the Fairest Worth it All?

Want to know if something is huge business? Check out Google Ads. You don’t need to read statistics or wordy reports, a quick way is to type in ‘Skin Whitening’ and viola, count the number of ads that appear. Where I am, there’re 11 ads on the first search results page. For the fun of it, […]

Ask #Skinish Mom – How to Fend Off Well-Intentioned Eczema Tips from the Ignorant?

To the #Skinish Mom: My son has eczema and it’s quite obvious on his neck and joints. I get  unsolicited advice all the time – some of it are outright wrong, like to make sure I wash his skin thoroughly with soap! Soap! The one thing not to use on eczema skin! How should I […]

#Skinish Mom – There’s more to Skin Tingling than Scarlett Johansson

On 20 December 2014, the research paper by Melanie L. Shoup-Knox Ph.D. titled “Physiological changes in response to hearing female voices recorded at high fertility” was reported on The Telegraph. It was further reported by The Daily Mail, Medical Daily amongst others. The gist is that voices of females recorded at their most fertile period produced the greatest increase […]

#SkinishMom – EczemaBlues Friday Columnist

This year, Friday’s post will be a column from The Skinish Mom – who is she and what’s the column about? The Skinish Mom is A mom who loves the QUIRKY facts about skin – she loves to get the skinny on the skin! A mom who is absolutely BIAS towards eczema kids’ families – […]