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Mom E-votional : Vacation

Eczema Devotional for Parents of Eczema Children Rest

Green Pastures Eczema Devotional


Eczema is always a consideration in vacations – where to go (too hot, eczema flare-up? too cold, skin dry up?), what to bring (moisturizer, prescription, antihistamine, antiseptic) and keeping fingers crossed that there will not be an eczema flare-up during vacation. Good thing is many people seem to report better skin on holiday – this could be due to less stress during a holiday break, particularly for adults whose eczema is triggered by stress. For some families, their child’s eczema may be so severe that caring for the skin daily is already a struggle and holiday is not on the cards.

I do think that for parents who are caring for the child, a break is critical to re-charge our battery – even if the break is as short as half an hour of solitude. Jesus often withdrew himself to pray; likewise, I’m reminded that as a Christian parent, my ‘rest’ can be found during prayer time. Let us parents find rest in a day so that we will not be irritable, angry or resentful easily, but rested, peaceful and loving.

Bible verse:

Psalm 23:2 He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside still waters.

Dear God, I pray for rest for all eczema families, in particular the parents. A quiet time, a coffee break, a weekend getaway or a holiday. Most of all, that we all learn to enjoy the rest in You.

Rest to Re-Charge

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