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Mom-E-votional : Double Standard for Eczema Kids Discipline

Eczema Kids Parenting Discipline
Do you apply double standard for your kids (with and without eczema)?

Eczema brings another dimension to parenting – above all the evolving best methods to parent, this can be overwhelming. As a mom of eczema child, I’d be the first to admit that I’m inadequate in many areas, from the top of my (already over-packed with to-do list!) head:

  1. More than half the time, I’m more concerned with whether my child scratches than whether she misbehaves.
  2. Having already exhausted much energy to take care of the skin, nagging, shouting and pleading ‘Not to Scratch’, on top of the usual on Mom-To-Do list like chores, meals (and the list goes on), I don’t really have much fuel left to discipline my child.
  3. It is ‘painful’ to disciple kids – you have to do it right, follow-through, not execute ‘punishment’ randomly, and make sure discipling kids does not become an avenue for anger venting.

And what happens for families with more than one child? Will parents inadvertently apply double standards for a child with eczema and one without? This reminds me of the many dilemmas that parents face daily but yet we try our best (within our limits!) to parent our children right. It is indeed a fine balance and I do pray that for all parents caring for more than one child, you will have the wisdom, energy and love to care for them.

Bible verse:

Proverbs 22:6 Teach children how they should live, and they will remember it all their lives.

Dear God, please help me to parent my child and to deposit the right values for her to be the child You desire her to be. I’m inadequate in so many areas, but I keep trying and have faith that where I fall short, You will take care of it.

Guard your mind and heart in parenting and disciplining your child.

2 replies on “Mom-E-votional : Double Standard for Eczema Kids Discipline”

Have you got any ideas for getting a strong willed 3 year old boy to put his eczema creams on. We have tried all sorts… sticker charts, tv time, bribes! 🙁 we hate having to hold him down putting his cream on while he is screaming. We are getting desperate!

Hi Jocelyn!
I hear you, usually I just do it very quickly (like ‘slap’ and ‘spread’ lol) whenever my daughter doesn’t want her moisturizer on.
Here’s Dr Q&A posts on applying moisturizer

I can think of..
1. Shopping with kid for moisturizer (e.g. QV has kids’ one that has cuter packaging)
2. Have another adult teach the importance of moisturizing, e.g. nurse
3. Request a support group to demonstrate kids’ moisturizer – for instance, I’ve covered this topic and parents take the chance to reinforce its importance to their child
4. Do it while he’s doing something he enjoys (like he’s engaged at a toy, iPad would work but it has its own pitfalls!)
5. Aim to do it so quickly he doesn’t have much chance to protest

Come to think of it, I don’t actually ask my child if I can moisturizer her.. I just put it on her and sort of grab a leg or two and it’s done before she can ‘strategize’ a protest 🙂

Big hugs,

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