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Speaker for Baby care Festival 2014 on Skincare

My talk 'Caring for Baby's Skin' at Singapore Expo, Babycare Festival
My talk ‘Caring for Baby’s Skin’ at Singapore Expo, Babycare Festival

Last Saturday I was invited by Bayer Healthcare to speak at the BabyCare Festival 2014, a national baby expo held in Singapore. As Bayer was introducing their nappy barrier ointment Bepanthen to parents, they invited me to share about baby skincare. I delivered a 30-minute info-packed presentation on ‘Caring for Baby’s Skin’ that covered common baby rash, shower, moisturizing, sun protection and washing/use of detergents. These topics will be shared with all of you via video next month on my blog and EczemaBlues youtube channel.

It turned out that I enjoyed the speaking engagement thoroughly and was thinking before my talk that the time spent would be worth it if I can help just one parent to care for their child’s skin (20% of children have eczema, so it may be a 1 in 5 chance that I helped!). I would love to do this more often, and discovered that after so much time learning and writing on this topic, I could speak without looking at the slides (which I didn’t really get to as the speakers were obscuring my view), good that I know the topic inside out.

For those of you who would like to invite me to speak, just drop a comment here or fill in the Contact Me form.

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