101 things that Mothers with Eczema Child do Differently

3 of the 101 things that Moms with Eczema Child do Differently – Packing Baby Bag

The Complexity of Packing Eczema Child’s Bag

When It Comes to Packing Baby Bag

#1 – Ice (to cool the water and if necessary, for baby to play with to keep her fingers busy)

#2 – Water bottle with cool water + water bottle with normal water

#3 – Juice

#4 – 3 types of finger food to keep fingers busy – husks, fish crackers and grapes/cherries

#4 – Diapers, diaper changing mat, trash bag, baby wipes + one toy to keep fingers busy to prevent scratching when changing diaper

#5 – Tissue Paper

#6 – Fan to keep baby cool + can be used as distraction since baby likes to ‘catch the fan’

#7 – Antiseptic lotion, for use before applying steroid or just cleaning the baby from possible irritant

#8 – Moisturiser

#9 – Shoes, when baby is cranky and scratches, got to quickly wear her shoes for her to walk around

#10 – A Mom who has the strength to carry the heavy bag

This is the third of my “101 Things that Moms with Eczema Child Do Differently“, a tongue-in-cheek look at the many unique situations that we face. For more cartoons, click here to view.

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