Eczema News – Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity

Around end November 2014, I ran a blog series on Children Food Sensitivities, explaining there are various types of gluten-related food sensitivities, namely: Celiac disease – Immune system attacks the villi in the esophagus when exposed to gluten protein gliadin, found in wheat, barley, rye, and sometimes oats. This lead to intestinal inflammation, flattening of the villi […]

Children Food Sensitivities – Confusing Gluten

There’s so much about gluten-free these days – it’s an industry in itself and marketing ‘Gluten-Free’ is seen in menus and food packaging. We hear of sports celebrities performing better after cutting gluten and we hear of celebrity moms choosing gluten-free diets for their children. But what is gluten and what happens when you eat […]

Hangout on Baby Food – Fish and Gluten Allergy

This is the third Food Google Hangout with OzSuperNanny, Angela Jacobsen, and it is one of the Google+ event for Singapore #FoodieWebWeek Chef Caroline Mili Artiss who is a TV chef with her own cookery show demonstrates live the fish pie recipe from Angela’s book. Vivian Pei, Paula and Zurina Byrant and I attended (though I’m sort of hanging out […]