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For parents who’d like to explore support groups, there are various ways to do so:

#1 You can fill in the form and indicate in the last question your willingness to join the support group and I’d put you in the private google group “Best Parent for E Child”. Alternatively, you can email me at mommarcie [at] gmail [dot] com

#2 If you noticed the second last question in the form is asking if you are ok with the information you filled in to be published as an interview. The purpose of that is to let other parents who come to this blog know you (and you know them when they do the same) and to build a community of parents who support each other. You can see under the comments section below for how a published interview looks, and your email will not be disclosed.

2017 update: Over the past 5 years, I’ve realized that the comments on this page themselves have come to serve as a source of support for parents – parents read what the best moments and challenging times are like for other families, and feel less alone in their struggle.

2018 update: I’m adding community features directly into this website, do join the mailing list on the right sidebar and I’d keep you posted when it’s up!

#3 I’m the chairperson for Singapore’s Eczema Support Group and we hold quarterly sessions at the National Skin Centre; please get in touch with me if you’d like to be placed on its face-to-face meetings (in Singapore) mailing list!

#4 Google Plus Eczema Community

Also, for those who want to share your eczema journeys or interact with other parents on social network, do join my Google Plus Eczema Community!

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  1. Meet a New Mom! – Melissa Smith

    Child’s Name – Ethan

    Diagnosed with eczema – 19/04/2012

    Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – My best parenting moments are when my son stops playing and comes over to me, holds my face and kisses me. My biggest challenge is a daily struggle to keep calm when Ethan can’t control his scratching.

  2. Meet a New Mom! – TaraLynn

    Child’s Name – James

    Diagnosed with eczema – 01/12/2010

    Greatest Challenge – Best parenting moment is seeing my child happy and playing with other children. My greatest challenge is seeing my child scratching if not constantly distracted.

  3. Meet a New Mom! – Buket Ayaz

    Child’s Name – Bera

    Diagnosed with eczema – 01/03/2012

    Greatest challenge – Those long nights wathcing my baby scratch himself to death and me not being able to do anything..I guess I lost my temper when the doc told me we just have to find our own way to deal with it until he is older and I found myself screaming at him!! I just didnt know a skin illness would be this devastating for the whole family and my little one 🙁 I need your advice…

  4. Meet a New Mom! – Melina Johar

    Child’s Name – Oliver

    Diagnosed with eczema – 31/05/2001

    Greatest Challenge – Greatest challenge is to accept that my Oliver has eczema and also educating everyone around him about his conditions

  5. Meet a New Mom! – Angela Scott

    Child’s Name – Travis

    Diagnosed with eczema – 18/01/2012

  6. Meet a New Mom! – Andriette

    Child’s Name – Eden

    Diagnosed with eczema – 23/12/2003

    Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – My daughter is very feisty and stubborn at times … the quite moments of humility and times when she learns valuable truths of life are by far the best parenting moments … and when she prays… the GREATEST challenge is to help my daughter stop scratching and to deal with the nasty comments from kids at school …. it just breaks my heart

  7. Meet a New Mom! – Leanne

    Child’s Name – Ava

    Diagnosed with eczema – 01/02/2010

    Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – when ava is happy and scratch free is the best moment as her mum 🙂 the greatest challenge has to be trying to keep avas health on a even keel

  8. Good to hear that Jasz is on track to figuring out what works for your child’s eczema! Can’t wait to hear the progress!

  9. Dear Mummies,

    I’ve recently came across “antidotes” to eczema. I’ve started them with my boy 2 weeks ago. Though he’s not cleared of eczema totally, I do see improvement in his condition. I’m still diligently feeding him and applying the cream for him and hope to be able to share the successful testimony in time to come.

  10. Meet a New Mom! – Eilyn

    Child’s Name – Ethan

    Diagnosed with eczema – 21/09/2008

    Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – Best parenting moment : when Ethan started to say I love you too whenever I says I love u to him every night and Greatest challenge: to be able to cook him all the good food on earth that he is not allergy with.

  11. Welcome Lynette to our group! I’ve been noticing more and more instances of moms saying their child has eczema herpeticum and seems like it’s recurring… going to read up on this and include in my Doctor Q&A if I still have any questions!

    Everyone, do send me your questions to collate for Friday Q&A!

  12. Meet A New Mom! – Lynette Drewery

    Child’s Name – Daydrien

    Diagnosed with eczema – 06/10/2006

    Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – Kindergarten Success and greatest challenge is ezcema and ezcema herpeticum

  13. Meet a New Mom! – Stefanie

    Child’s Name – Karson

    Diagnosed with eczema – 06/11/2011

    Best parenting moment & Greatest challenge – My best parenting moment is watching my children achieve milestones and learn new things. My most challenging is my 4 month old is suffering from eczema. 🙁

  14. My son’s name is Jarrett. He is now 6 years old.

    Diagnosed: December 2005

    Greatest Moment: Seeing him excel in school, karate, and basketball. He’s been gifted with a an extraordinary mind, personality, and adaptability.

    Worst Moment: Of course, the 3 years when he was at his worst. Recently, when he wanted to go in the ocean for the first time and it caused his skin to burn. He repeatedly cried out, “I just wanted to go in the water.” Absolutely broke my heart.

  15. Child’s Name – Patrick

    Diagnosed with eczema — May, 2010

    1) Best parenting moment– to watch my baby joyfully playing like any other normal kids do or fall asleep in the stroller easily while we are out withOUT scratching.

    2) greatest challenges– the endless scratching and anti-scratching war between my boy and me; deal with people’s bluntly staring or ignorant judgements (like rashes are dirty or contagious) in public while protecting his feelings and also my sensitive ones.

  16. Hi Kelly, it’s always good to know of a mom who is motivated and starts a business to help other eczema children. I’ll be emailing you the sponsorship details. To all other readers, sponsorship is a new section I’ve just started on this blog, and all proceeds go toward an eczema fund which I’m working with a non-profit in Singapore to set up. More details will be released on the fund when in place (likely early 2012 as it takes time to work out the administration). Look forward to your support and charity!