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Mom NeedyZz Cartoon – Mom, Kid and Allergies

Mom NeedyZz Cartoon - Figuring out kids allergies
Guessing food allergies can get quite scary!

Mommy Kate is on the brink of going nuts! It happened to me too, trying to figure out whether there is ONE food safe in this world for my baby – my tip, take an allergy test! For more Mom NeedyZz cartoon, see here.

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I love this blog! I have had eczema, asthma, egids, and other allergy related problems since I was little. I had he bad eczema. The “can’t take your socks off because they stuck to the bloody scabs and now they’re glued on” kind of eczema. I am just now starting to crack some of the codes myself, and blogs like these rock! My skin cleared up really fast after doing a top 8 elimination diet, originally for my eoe. You can track my progress here!

Nice bre! I checked out your website too and saw that you originally started the blog to reduce sugar. I read 1.5 ‘sugar’ book and one of them is Eve Schaub’s book Year of No Sugar

Maybe you’d like it too, it’s quite hilarious and give you further inspiration for your blog.

Take care!

After 58 years of sickness, I finally went to an allergist. I knew I was allergic to cats (had a cat for 21 years), cheese, tomatoes, fish, and diary products. But I was very surprised that I was allergic to 30 different types of food, all grasses, all trees, and weeds. I can not eat wheat, corn, rice, soy, peanuts, carrots, oh the list goes on.
So, my question. What’s a Baby Boomer like me suppose to eat?

Hi Sharron, thanks for dropping by and sorry to hear of all the allergies. Are the allergies 30 different types all food or include pollen? Did the allergist connect you with a nutritionist for alternative foods or suggest to go for elimination diet/ further testing like food challenge to see if the food allergen is one that you’d need to avoid for sure? Interested to know what the follow-up advice was after the test and do take care, hugs,

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